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GA Library Alert

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Dear PCOM GA campus members:

The PCOM GA Library information desk will  not be staffed from Monday, August 15 to Wednesday, August 17 due to COVID-19 cases. 

The Library space is still open without any in-person services. If you need to return any library materials or equipment, the due date will be extended until the Library resumes staffing.

Please use the online chat service and email to research librarians and staff.

Thank you for your understanding and support when we are still facing COVID challenges. 


Hsinliang (Oliver) Chen, PhD  
Chief Library Services Officer

Equal work for unequal pay: the gender reimbursement gap for healthcare providers in the United States

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Equal work for unequal pay: the gender reimbursement gap for healthcare providers in the United States
ABSTRACT Introduction Gender disparities in income continue to exist, and many studies have quantified the gap between male and female workers. These studies paint an incomplete picture of gender income disparity because of their reliance on notoriously inaccurate or incomplete surveys. We quantified gender reimbursement disparity between female and male healthcare providers using objective, non-self-reported data and attempted to adjust the disparity against commonly held beliefs as to why it exists. Methods We analysed over three million publicly available Medicare reimbursement claims for calendar year 2012 and compared the reimbursements received by male and female healthcare providers in 13 medical specialties. We adjusted these reimbursement totals against how hard providers worked, how productive each provider was, and their level of experience. We calculated a reimbursement differential between male and female providers by primary medical specialty. Results The overall adjusted reimbursement differential against female providers was −US$18 677.23 (95% CI −US$19 301.94 to −US$18 052.53). All 13 specialties displayed a negative reimbursement differential against female providers. Only two specialties had reimbursement differentials that were not statistically significant. Conclusions After adjustment for how hard a physician works, his/her years of experience and his/her productivity, female healthcare providers are still reimbursed less than male providers. Using objective, non-survey data will provide a more accurate understanding of this reimbursement inequity and perhaps lead the medical profession (as a whole) towards a solution that can reverse this decades-old injustice.
Desai T, et al. Postgrad Med J 2016;0:1–5. doi:10.1136/postgradmedj-2016-134094 1
Original article PGMJ Online First, published on August 15, 2016 as 10.1136/postgradmedj-2016-134094
Produced by BMJ Publishing Group

Draw it to Know It: Gross Anatomy Now Available!

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The PCOM Library now offers Draw it to Know it for Neuroanatomy and Gross Anatomy!
Draw it to Know it teaches medical sciences in a purely kinesthetic way, revitalizing a classic approach to science education for the modern classroom. Follow the simple directions below to register for Draw it to Know it now.

  • To register, you must access the Draw it to Know registration page while on the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine network
  • On the registration page, create a username and password
  • Use this username and password at www.drawittoknowit.com anytime and anywhere
  • For mobile access, download the Draw it to Know it iPhone/iPad app from iTunes, or access Draw it to Know it directly from your mobile browser, and click Login to enter your username and password
  • If you have already registered from outside the network, you can associate your account with the site license from the My Account page while under the network

Click here for a Draw it to Know it how-to guide.