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Library staff would like your feedback about our website. What do you like? What would you change? Please take this 5 minute survey to let us know. We [...]

We’re proud to announce the 8th Annual PCOM Research Day! All members of the PCOM community are invited to celebrate research, innovation, scholarship [...]

Thieme E-Book Library is now a part of MedOne Education. MedOne Education is a medical learning platform developed by Thieme that makes it easier for [...]

Autistic Traits and Suicidal Thoughts, Plans, and Self-Harm in Late Adolescence: Population-Based Cohort Study Culpin I, Mars B, Pearson RM, et al. Au [...]

Metabolic Products of the Intestinal Microbiome and Extremes of Atherosclerosis Bogiatzi C, Gloor G, Allen-Vercoe E, et al. Metabolic products of the [...]

In Silico Labeling: Predicting Fluorescent Labels in Unlabeled Images Christiansen EM, Yang SJ, Ando DM, et al. In silico labeling: Predicting fluores [...]