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The Library now provides access to the Henry Stewart Talks (HS Talks) Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection. This collection contains over 2,000 o [...]

The PCOM Library is pleased to announce the addition of the TrueLearn COMBANK’s adaptive learning platform to our collection. Preparing for COMLEX Lev [...]

In partnership with the Department of Research, the Library now pays faculty publication fees for PLOS ONE. The Library will pay for up to two accepte [...]

Machine learning models in electronic health records can outperform conventional survival models for predicting patient mortality in coronary artery d [...]

A universal bioluminescence resonance energy transfer sensor design enables high-sensitivity screening of GPCR activation dynamics Schihada H, Vandena [...]

A Tumor-Imaging Method Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Loktev A, Lindner T, Mier W, et al. A tumor-imaging method targeting cancer-associated [...]