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The PCOM Library is offering a trial to BMJ Best Practice until April 5, 2019. BMJ Best Practice offers step by step guidance on disease diagnosis, pr [...]

The PCOM Library is offering a 60 day trial to Behavioral and Mental Health Online. Alexander Street’s Behavioral and Mental Health Online provides a [...]

Are you interested in publishing a case report? The PCOM Library now has an institutional fellowship with BMJ Case Reports. BMJ Case Reports accepts c [...]

Types of cannabis and tobacco/nicotine co-use and associated outcomes in young adulthood Tucker JS, Pedersen ER, Seelam R, Dunbar MS, Shih RA, D’Amico [...]

Decreased Nociceptin Receptors Are Related to Resilience and Recovery in College Women Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence: Therapeutic Implications [...]

Outcomes Associated With Sustained-Release Intraocular Fluocinolone Implants in a Case of Melanoma-Associated Retinopathy Treated Without Systemic Imm [...]