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PCOM Library has updated its Lost & Found Policy. [Read more...]

Users of our E-Z Borrow interlibrary loan service will enjoy an improved user experience through single sign-on (SS)). Logging into E-ZBorrow now uses PCOM credentials as with other PCOM online services.If you experience any difficulties, please contact the library and we’ll work to address the issue quickly. PCOM Library will continue to improve our library services to our patrons. [Read more...]

Comics has always had a critical engagement with socio-political and cultural issues and hence evolved into a medium with a subversive power to challenge the status quo. Staying true to the criticality of the medium, graphic medicine (where comics intersects with the discourse of healthcare) critiques the exploitative and unethical practices in the field of healthcare, thereby creating a critical… [Read more...]

Socio-cultural rigidities regarding the shape and size of a woman’s body have not only created an urgency to refashion themselves according to a range of set standards but also generated an infiltrating sense of body dissatisfaction and poor self-esteem leading to eating disorders. Interestingly, through an adept utilisation of the formal strengths of the medium of comics, many graphic medical… [Read more...]