Clinical Educator and Volunteer Faculty Access

PCOM Clinical Educator and Volunteer Faculty at PCOM can request access to PCOM library resources. For access to these available resources, you require a formal PCOM faculty appointment; please contact Nicole Dillard, Provost Office, for information about obtaining a PCOM faculty appointment. If you already have a formal PCOM faculty appointment, please start the request using the online Library Access Request Form.

Please visit the Clinical Educators and Volunteer Faculty for information about available resources and services.

Access to PCOM Digital Library E-Resources

All PCOM faculty, staff and students have both on-campus and remote access to the e-resources in the Digital Library. Visit the Virtual Access Guide for tips and suggestions on remote access. Users must login using the PCOM Network ID and password.

By accessing e-resources, users agree to the conditions of the PCOM Library User Agreement.

A few resources require personal accounts. See My Accounts for information on My Library Account, RefWorks, MedU, etc.

Access Problems

Users who experience difficulties with expired or forgotten passwords should contact the ITS Department at

Users who experience difficulties finding and using e-resources should contact the library directly.

Access to Library Facilities

Library study space is reserved for the exclusive use of PCOM students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please be prepared to show your PCOM ID to a Library staff member upon request.
Guests must register with security, have a visitor’s badge, and be accompanied by a host with a valid PCOM ID at all times.

The library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, backpacks, etc. for concealed library materials.

Philadelphia Users

Non-PCOM researchers who have a legitimate need to access print and special collections should contact Library Administration to request access prior to visiting the campus.


Visit the Borrowing page here to find more details on borrowing materials. There is also information on recalls, purchasing requests, interlibrary loans, and book holds.

Failure to adhere to library policies can result in the revoking of borrowing privileges.

PCOM Library User Agreement

Engagement in any of the activities included in the restrictions below may result in immediate suspension of a user’s access to e-resources. Breaches of the Library’s agreements with publishers could result in the suspension of access to the resources for the entire PCOM community.

Electronic resources provided by the Library are governed by license agreements with publishers. The following restrictions apply.

  • Sharing access is forbidden.
  • Copyright restrictions apply.
  • Downloading excessive portions of databases or electronic journals is prohibited.
  • Posting downloaded material on a website or to an email list is prohibited.
  • Use of material for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Material may not be modified or altered.
  • Publishers’ copyright statements and logos may not be removed.

Additional restrictions may also apply to additional electronic resources.

Neither UpToDate nor Micromedex is licensed for use by Volunteer faculty. UpToDate and Micromedex is only available to current PCOM employees and enrolled PCOM students.

Additionally, to use Micromedex, you must commit to the following restrictions:

  • you will not access this database at a medical facility (clinic or hospital) via the PCOM link.
  • you will not use this information for clinical purposes, but for academic work only.

You are permitted to download summarized content to your mobile device for use while in hospitals or other clinical settings. However, for access via desktop computer while in a medical facility, you must utilize the facility’s subscription or forego online access if there is no current subscription.