Searching for Theses & Dissertations

Search for PCOM dissertations and theses in the Library Catalog. The Library will lend available paper copies. Digital copies of many PCOM theses and dissertations are available in the DigitalCommons@PCOM.
Search for works created at other academic institutions in the Dissertations & Theses (D&T) database. There are links to the database from both the Databases and Psychology web pages. Users may purchase PDFs of documents directly from D&T. Twenty-four pages of every document are available for free online to assist users in selectively identifying works of interest.
The Library will process interlibrary loan requests for theses and dissertations; however, many institutions will not lend them.

Binding PCOM Theses & Dissertations

The Library has contracted with a professional firm to bind departmental and library copies. Students may have personal copies bound at cost. Students are advised to consult with their advisors and departments for current thesis requirements. All thesis binding requests must have departmental approval as indicated by the appropriate signature on the Binding Request Form.

Required Forms for Psychology Dissertation Submission

Always check with your advisor for the most current requirements.
 Psychology Dissertation Binding & Payment Form (Required Form)
 Psychology Digital Commons Permissions Form (Required Form)

Required Forms for Biomedical Thesis Submission

Always check with your advisor for the most current requirements.
 Checklist: PCOM Thesis Submission (Required Form)
 Thesis Requirements & Guide
 Biomedical Sciences Digital Commons Permissions Form (Required)
 Biomedical Sciences Thesis Binding Form (Required)