Policy Statement

Neither PCOM nor the PCOM Library are responsible for any person’s lost or left behind items. Patrons are solely responsible for their own property. All unclaimed items or found items turned into the staff will be placed in the Library’s Lost and Found area. As a courtesy, the Library staff will make a reasonable attempt to determine and contact the rightful owner of the lost property if said property contains sufficient identifying information.


  1. Lost and found items will be logged, dated, and stored in the Lost and Found area for a period of 2 weeks. After this 2 week period, all unclaimed items become property of the Library, at which time the Library staff will decide the appropriate method of disposal.
  2. Lost items of a valuable nature (electronic devices, ID cards, credit/debit cards, etc.) will be turned in to Campus Security within 24 hours.
  3. To claim a lost item, the patron must satisfactorily describe it to a Library staff member and confirm what day the item was likely left in the Library. This will ensure that items with similar physical characteristics (flash drives, headphones, etc.) are less likely given to the wrong person.
  4. Hazardous and perishable items will be discarded immediately.