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VisualDx is a visual diagnostic decision support system used to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety. It combines high-quality, peer-reviewed medical images with concise, actionable information to support the decisions of health care providers.

The content is organized by common and diagnostic problem areas, age, and body location. It visually presents disease variations by skin type, age, and passage of time.

Clinicians can initiate a unique differential diagnosis based on the visual symptoms of a patient. A customized pictorial differential diagnosis tailored to a patient’s findings is formulated dynamically.

VisualDx compares most relevant diseases or drills down to research with handbook-length clinical information and variation in visual presentation.

We love this resource and think you will too. Why?

  • VisualDx does not require you to search by diagnostic name
  • You can enter the patient’s clinical features to view the diagnoses with the most relevance
  • VisualDx integrates within UpToDate! When you search UpToDate, keep a look out for the orange VDx icon, which indicates content from VisualDx.
  • It helps you better identify and visually diagnose presenting conditions such as skin, infectious, metabolic, nutritional, genetic, and immunologic diseases and adverse drug reactions
  • You get immediate access to more than 22,000 medical images as well as actionable peer-reviewed treatment, therapy, and management information on over 1,000 diagnoses
  • It presents variations both common and rare diseases, whether due to immune status, skin color, severity, or temporal stage

The VisualDx app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Complete the following steps to download the app:

  • Log in to VisualDx on a computer from the Library Website
  • Click the Get the Mobile App icon
  • Using your PCOM e-mail address, complete the form to request a user name and password
  • Follow the instructions in the activation e-mail to download and begin using VisualDx Mobile