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Draw It to Know It

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Active Learning for the Medical Sciences! Draw It to Know It is an online educational platform that takes the classic approach to science education and revitalizes it for the modern classroom.

Draw It to Know It’s active learning approach has been praised for making science education simpler and more effective. The tutorials begin with a blank screen and proceed in hand-drawn steps that students master through active engagement, which, as research substantiates, greatly enhances the learning experience.

Product Features:

  • Animated, active learning style tutorials with variable playback speed.
  • Quiz questions that accompany each tutorial.
  • Interactive drawing pad with multiple colors and pen sizes.
  • Brain Atlas and Muscle Directory accompany the Neuroscience Course

Access Draw It to Know It directly from your mobile browser or download the Draw It to Know It iPhone/iPad app from iTunes, then click Login to enter your username and password. Register here to create your personal account.


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AnatomyTV includes a wealth of engaging content:

  • 3D anatomy atlas – Choose from over 290 interactive 3D anatomy views, including 148 trigger points, covering the whole body. All main views allow you to rotate and add or remove layers of anatomy from the models. All visible structures can be labelled and every 3D anatomy view and animation is accompanied by introductory text.
  • Library of 3D muscle function animations – Over 75 animations cover many common movements such as flexion, extension, adduction, and abduction for the head and neck, upper extremity, trunk, pelvis and lower extremity. Each animation can be exported into PowerPoint for presentations or teaching.
  • Gross motor movement animations:
    • Jogging
    • Stand from sitting
    • Push ups
    • Sit ups
    • Stand jump forwards
    • Walking upstairs
  • Library of more than 80 surface anatomy movies show the muscle action for real‑life context.
  • Short, accessible text explanations and links to related content.

AnatomyTV content is also available on iPad and Android tablets.