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Lexicomp Online

Lexicomp Online provides clinicians with access to two drug information resources within a single interface: Lexicomp and AHFS.

Lexicomp provides clear, concise, point-of-care drug information. It includes clinical practice guidelines, IV compatibility from Trissel’s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, dosing and administration, warnings and precautions, as well as other tools.

AHFS offers an extensive research solution, recognized as a CMS compendium to assist in reimbursement.

Our wide array of databases enables users to quickly locate information on an extensive range of topics, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric dosing and guidelines, patient education, international drugs, infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, and more.


  • Faster Answers, Increased Efficiency – Studies have shown that Lexicomp helps clinicians find answers to tough clinical questions faster than other commonly used drug information resources.
  • Formulary Decision Support Module – Specialized resources and valuable content from Facts & Comparisons add a greater depth of information and tools to help support formulary management and clinical decisions. Includes comparative data tools, comparative efficacy, class monographs, and Formulary Monograph Service.
  • UpToDate Linking – Links directly from Lexicomp Online to UpToDate to create a better clinical decision support resource. Without exiting your workflow, you can toggle between Lexicomp drug information and UpToDate disease topics to help inform diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • Broader Use – Used by pharmacists, physicians, and nurses and available on the most popular smartphones and tablets.
  • Higher Satisfaction – A study ranks Lexicomp Online as the most preferred database by the majority of users, leaving customers more satisfied.