5th Annual Research Day Winners

Richard Saldivar Front Page, Library News

Congratulations to the following Research Day Poster Presentation Winners!

PA Campus
Sean Matchett
Danielle Estrada
Zein Al-Atrache
Gerd Naydock

GA Campus
1st place: Zachary Kopelman
2nd place (2): Natalie Vukmer, Denise Gamble
Honorable Mention: Courtney Washington

1st place: Khin Win
2nd place: Jessica Winkler
Honorable Mention (3): Nyema Woart, Kathryn Woods, Gulsedef Arslan

1st place: Mboya Doffou & George Adams (shared award)
2nd place: Eva Karam
Honorable Mention (2): Nathan Greenfield, Viral Gajjar