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Open Access Week 2017

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The 10th International Open Access Week runs from October 23-29, 2017. Celebrate it by reading up on open access, considering open access options for publication, and exploring open access publications by PCOM authors.

  • What is open access? Open access content, including scholarly journal articles, is free and open to everyone.  To learn more about open access, read Peter Suber’s Open Access Overview or visit SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition).
  • How can I publish in an open access journal? The library’s membership in BioMed Central allows for PCOM affiliates to publish in any of the 293 BioMed Central journals without paying a processing fee. If you are interested in publishing in an open access journal, contact your campus library for information.
  • Have PCOM authors published open access content? Yes! Most of the faculty papers that include a PDF in the DigitalCommons@PCOM Scholarly Papers collection are open access.