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Thieme E-Book Library is now a part of MedOne Education

Richard Saldivar Library News
medone education logo

Thieme E-Book Library is now a part of MedOne Education. MedOne Education is a medical learning platform developed by Thieme that makes it easier for students to study and do research on the go!

Quick overview of the new features:

  • Refined e-book view – chapters can be converted to PDFs and printed
  • Users can now easily search within a book
  • Readers can adjust text font size in the e-book viewer
  • Notes can be taken and saved against all text
  • Videos can be viewed
  • All images with legends can be downloaded to PowerPoint
  • Responsive Design
  • Highly sophisticated search algorithm will make searching faster and easier across all content
  • Users can register for MedOne Education access from home
  • MedOne Education App for iOS and Android
  • Playlists

Exam Master – COMLEX

Richard Saldivar Library News

As of March 1, ExamMaster will remove the COMLEX 1 outline and the COMLEX Learning Modules​.​

​ExamMaster made the decision to no longer support COMLEX 1 and the COMLEX Learning Modules as ​many of the questions are outdated and are no longer relevant. ​ ​

Any exams created with COMLEX content before March 1 will be saved and can be taken after this date.​ You can make several smaller exams or one large exam from the outline to suit your needs.

If you need assistance in creating exams or have any questions, please contact your campus library.

LWW Clerkship/Clinical Rotations Collection

Richard Saldivar Library News, New Resources

The PCOM Library is pleased to now provide access to the LWW Clerkship/Clinical Rotations Collection.

Thanks to all who provided feedback!

This collection contains 40 core titles in the following specialties: Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Surgery, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry.

It also includes titles that were previously only available in print, such as Shelf Life, Blueprints, BRS, Step-Up, and Recall. Additionally, this resource contains Case studies and over 4700 Q&A.

New Textbook – Osborn’s Brain

Skye Bickett Library News, New Resources

The PCOM Library is pleased to provide access to the newest edition of Obsorn’s Brain by Dr. Anne G. Osborn.

Thanks to all who provided feedback.

This title provides a solid framework for understanding the complex subject of brain imaging when studied cover to cover. It combines essential anatomy with gross pathology and imaging, clearly demonstrating why and how diseases appear the way they do.

The textbook begins with emergent topics such as trauma, non-traumatic hemorrhage, stroke, and vascular lesions, then covers infections, demyelinating and inflammatory diseases, neoplasms, toxic-metabolic-degenerative disorders, and congenital brain malformations.

It contains over 4,000 stunning, high-resolution radiologic images and medical illustrations, all of which are annotated to describe the most clinically significant features. Summary boxes are also provided throughout the text for quick review of essential facts, as well as the most recent and up-to-date references available.

Osborn’s Brain helps readers think clearly about diagnoses, types of diagnoses, and the various pathologies that can affect the brain.


Anatomy.tv Live Training Sessions

Richard Saldivar Library News

We want to ensure that faculty and students get the most from Anatomy.tv.

We invite you to attend the complimentary, live training sessions hosted by Anatomy.tv.

In each session, Anatomy.tv trainers will orient you on the four main products (3D Atlas, Real-Time, Functional Anatomy and Human Anatomy & Physiology), demonstrate key functionalities, and answer any questions that you might have.

Training session are regularly offered and four will occur in the month of December. To register please visit: http://www.anatomy.tv/primaltraining/.

MedU System Migration

Richard Saldivar Library News, New Resources

On November 8, PCOM faculty and students will no longer be able to access their MedU courses by logging in to MedU’s legacy system.

Log-in, reports, and administrative functionality will not be accessible, so download and save any work before the transition.

Please plan to complete any work in the legacy system and start subsequent work in MedU’s new system as soon as possible.

Students and faculty will be directed to log-in to the new system after November 8.

Faculty can visit the MedU library guide for step-by-step instructions, video guides, and recorded webinars.


Richard Saldivar Library News, New Resources
kanopy logo

Explore our newest video resource Kanopy.

Kanopy includes over 26,000 videos that cover interprofessional education, ethics,​ LBGTQ topics,​ ​and more!

Additionally, if you’re interested in independent, international, classic, or documentary films, you’re in luck.

Kanopy features must-see classic films from The Criterion Collection, educational material from The Great Courses and PBS, and festival indie and world cinema from award-winning global filmmakers.

New and improved Refworks

Richard Saldivar Library News

On December 11, the Library will be moving forward with the new RefWorks.

This improved version makes it easier to manage and organize your research.

To help manage the migration process, the library is available for one-on-one training or small group sessions.  Please submit your request here: https://library.pcom.edu/instruction/

To learn more about the new version of RefWorks, please visit the RefWorks guide. The guide features an overview of Refworks and includes instructions for importing references from Legacy RefWorks.

Open Access Week 2017

Richard Saldivar Library News

The 10th International Open Access Week runs from October 23-29, 2017. Celebrate it by reading up on open access, considering open access options for publication, and exploring open access publications by PCOM authors.

  • What is open access? Open access content, including scholarly journal articles, is free and open to everyone.  To learn more about open access, read Peter Suber’s Open Access Overview or visit SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition).
  • How can I publish in an open access journal? The library’s membership in BioMed Central allows for PCOM affiliates to publish in any of the 293 BioMed Central journals without paying a processing fee. If you are interested in publishing in an open access journal, contact your campus library for information.
  • Have PCOM authors published open access content? Yes! Most of the faculty papers that include a PDF in the DigitalCommons@PCOM Scholarly Papers collection are open access.