Submission Deadline: March 27, 2020

  1. Submitting an abstract does not submit your poster for printing. Posters to be printed must be submitted to Marketing by April 25th using the poster request form.
  2. The submitting author is automatically designated as the first author.
  3. You may be the first author of more than one abstract, provided that each abstract represents distinct research. Co-authorship of additional abstracts is permitted.
  4. You may submit and present two posters as first author.
  5. Posters presented elsewhere are eligible as long as they’ve been presented in the past year.
  6. It is recommended that your abstract is structured, with the text divided into multiple sections (ex. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion) with bold headings. See the PubMed guide to structured abstracts for examples.
  7. If you have any difficulty with the submission process, contact Jackie Werner via email or (215) 871-6432.

Poster Information:

Philadelphia poster dimensions may not exceed 3.5’x6’ (42”x72”).
For more information on poster guidelines click here.
You can submit the PCOM marketing research poster request form here.