Book chapters not available through the library can be requested using ILLiad. Book chapter requests can be placed either using Full Text Finder generated forms or by manually entering citation information.

Full Text Finder

When you are searching a PCOM-licensed database, click the Full Text Finder icon to take advantage of Full Text Finder generated request forms.. The Full Text Finder icon changes depending on the database.
in PubMed, OneSearch and other EBSCOhost databases (Academic Search, AltMed, IPA, PsycINFO, etc.)
Linkto@PCOM in Google Scholar.
If the item is not available in the library collection, click the “Request this item through Interlibrary Loan” link.You will be prompted to log in to ILLiad. After logging in to ILLiad, the request form will be pre-populated. Fill in any missing information and then click “Submit Request” to complete your request.

Manual Request

Alternatively, book chapter requests can be placed manually using citation information. However, be sure to first check the Library Catalog for PCOM holdings before requesting a book chapter through ILLiad.
To manually place a request for a book chapter, first log in to ILLiad. After logging in, select Book Chapter in the left hand menu below New Request.
illiad book chapter request menu
Enter as much citation information as possible to ensure quicker processing.
illiad book chapter request form
Click “Submit Request” to complete your request.