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HS Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection provides immediate access to over 2,200 online, animated, seminar-style talks by many of the world’s leading experts, including Nobel, Lasker, and Breakthrough prize winners. They are organised into over 120 series and classified by categories.

Entire talks and extracts of chosen length may be embedded in course notes and virtual learning systems, as can any of the more than 100,000 slides.

Providing authoritative information over a vast range of complex subjects, the talks are greatly appreciated by active researchers, including graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. Every talk can be shared, serve as assigned viewing prior to class discussion, or given as an additional resource to extend what is taught in class. There are also course modules with associated additional learning material on subjects such as obesity and vaccines.

Course matching service

HS Talks welcomes requests for them to suggest talks to be included in courses and provides this service free of charge.

Just send a course description or syllabus with a request for suggestions to ‘Scientific Content Consultant Service’ at syllabus@hstalks.com.