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Welcome to a new school year! I’m Skelly Bones, the cool guy that you often see hanging out in the library.

Throughout the year I'll send out this newsletter to highlight useful resources and upcoming events that are provided by the PCOM Library.

See you around campus!


Liaisons to Academic Programs

Did you know that the library has a liaison for your program?

No matter what campus you're on or whether you're a student, faculty, or staff member, there's a library staff member who's familiar with your discipline, curriculum, and relevant resources.

You can also contact your liaison to suggest resources, services, or improvements to the library.

Visit our liaisons page to find our more about you liaison. Additionally, all library staff members are available and happy to assist you, should your liaison be unavailable or if you're not an academic department. 

We look forward to working with you.


Henry Stewart Talks (HS Talks)

The Library now provides access to the Henry Stewart Talks (HS Talks) Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection. This collection contains over 2,000 online audio-visual lectures, seminar-style talks, and case studies for health science schools. Content is regularly reviewed and updated with new lectures each month.

The collection provides immediate access to online seminar style talks presented by the world's leading experts and practitioners from academia, research institutes, industry, the professions, and government. HS Talks is divided into subject categories and therapeutic areas, but you can also search by keyword. Videos contain the latest research and development information, as well as fundamental material.

Students can use this resource as a study tool and faculty can use it to enhance their lectures and the curriculum.


Publishing in PLOS ONE

In partnership with the Department of Research, the Library now pays faculty publication fees for PLOS ONE.

The Library will pay for up to two accepted manuscripts in a 12 month period when faculty submit using their PCOM email address.

• Benefits of publishing in PLOS ONE

• Submit a manuscript

PLOS ONE is the world’s first multidisciplinary open access journal and accepts scientifically rigorous research, regardless of novelty. PLOS ONE features original research from the natural sciences, medical research, engineering, as well as the related social sciences and humanities that will contribute to the base of scientific knowledge.