2017 Digital Commons Permission Form (GA Campus)

The 7th Annual PCOM Research Day features a keynote speaker, highlights the current research endeavors of students and faculty, and raises community awareness of PCOM’s multidisciplinary research program. The Digital Commons@PCOM will ensure wide distribution and preservation of presentations.

The requested permission gives the College the nonexclusive right to post a digital version of your contribution in the Digital Commons. Users of the Digital Commons may download and use your work for personal use of a non-commercial nature.

  • You, as author, retain copyright.
  • You are free to publish your work in its present or future form anywhere.
  • You are free to request removal of the work from the Digital Commons at any time.
  • You must receive permission from your faculty advisor to publish in the Digital Commons.

As the first author, please check all that apply:
I do not grant permission to post my poster or abstract to the 7th Annual PCOM Research Days in the Digital Commons.
I grant permission to post my research abstract.
I grant permission to post my poster.

  • Did the PCOM Marketing Department produce your poster?
  • If not, please Upload Poster (PDF, PowerPoint or Word document):

Title Information

Note: Use sentence-style capitalization. Do not use quotation marks or all uppercase letters.
Example: Active learning improves comprehension in a large section immunology course.

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Note: Make sure to inform your advisor of what you are including in the Digital Commons.

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