Hours and Contact

When can I study in the library?
When is the library staffed?
Where is the library located?
How can I contact someone in the Library?


Who has access to the library?
Where can I find information about volunteer faculty access?
Can I access library resources from my home/rotation site?
I am a PCOM alum. What can the library do for me?


What is a hold? How do I place a request?
What is a call slip? How do I place a request?
How long can I check out items for?
How much are the fines for overdue items?
I was out of the state on rotation/I had to go to class/I overslept and my book is late. Can you waive my fine?
Can I appeal a fine?
Can I request a book from another library?
How do I make a suggestion to purchase an item?

Computers and Printing

Who do I ask for help with the computers and printers in the library?
How do I check my print balance?
How do I refill my print balance?
I never received my print job/I only printed five pages, but the printer printed 100! Can I get a refund of my pages?

Theses and Dissertations

How do I get my thesis/dissertation bound?
Where are the biomedical sciences thesis forms?
Can I search for theses/dissertations written by other people?
Where are the psychology dissertation forms?
Where can I find thesis/dissertation information?

Digital Library and Mobile Resources

How can I find my textbooks online?
What mobile apps/websites do I have access to?
What databases do I have access to?

Everything Else

How do I get a workstudy job in the library?
Does the library provide help with writing papers?
What is a library liaison?
Who is my library liaison?
Can I donate my textbook to the library?