Month: July 2014

Draw it to Know It: Neuroanatomy

draw it to know it logo

This interactive app (iPad or iPhone only) showcases 138 tutorials and  tests, a complete brain atlas and a muscle-nerve directory of the limbs. Each diagram is narrated and clearly drawn in whiteboard tutorials.

  • Draw-along or label-along with the video tutorials within the app.
  • Draw figures from a starter image OR label completed figures.
  • Compare against completed figures in side-by-side or full-scale view.

Don’t have an iPad, you can still register, draw, and follow on the online website,  (but you need to register first).

The book reviews most of the clinically important neuroanatomical subjects, ranging through the overall organization of the nervous system, the coverings of the brain, the peripheral nervous system, the spinal cord, the brainstem, the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex.

Instructions to activate on device

1. Download the Draw it to Know it app from iTunes at

2. Click on the “Unlock All Lessons” button in the upper right corner

3. Click “Already have account” and log in choosing 2nd option (website)

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Clinical Key Logo

ClinicalKey (the beefed-up replacement for MD Consult) is a robust collection of journals (>500), books (>800), images, practice guidelines, patient education, drug information and MEDLINE citations and abstracts from PubMed.  ClinicalKey pulls the latest abstracts and information daily, so searches provide the most current information on a given topic. Searches can be filtered by content type, by specialty, by time and relevance.

Your My ClinicalKey account lets you create “Reading Lists” to access later, create and download PDFs, and save images to export to PowerPoint. See ClinicalKey Tips for more info.

Problems accessing Clinical Key from off-campus? Email Library@pcom for a quick fix.

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Psychological Experiments Online

psychological experiments online

Psychological Experiments Online synthesizes the most important psychological experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection pairs 75 hours of audio and video recordings of the original experiments (when existent) with 40,000 pages of primary-source documents. These rare materials shed new light on the studies that have shaped contemporary understandings of key psychological issues such as conformity, power, obedience, delayed gratification, responsibility, aggression, conditioning, false memory, bias, prejudice, ethics, nurture, motivation, perception, and judgment.

The impact of the featured studies is far-reaching across fields as diverse as sociology, business, advertising, economics, political science, law, ethics, and the arts.

Review experiments such as Solomon Asch’s conformity, B.F. Skinner’s research with pigeons, Stanley Milgram’s research on obedience to authority, Albert Bandura’s Bobo Doll, and John B. Watson’s Little Albert experiment are just a few of those included.

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